What to Expect

The Experience
It’s not surprising to see an interpreter at the front of a church translating the spoken word into sign language.  That’s what happens three times a week at First Faith Church.
During worship service, music is played and the congregation is lead in worship. Congregation members play the keyboard, guitar and drums.
A worship service may included but not limited to the singing of “He Set Me Free,” “Just a Little Talk With Jesus,” “Thank God For The Blood” and “There is Power in the Blood”. There is a mix of old Pentecostal church hymns and more contemporary music.
As Pastor Hanney preaches, scripture references are projected onto a screen so the congregation can look them up and follow along in their Bibles.
In true Pentecostal fashion, members responded with enthusiastic clapping and shouting, some of them jumping up and down, to show their agreement with pastor Hanney’s points.
Every Sunday service at First Faith Church is a mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary expression of the Gospel that consists of passionate, Christ-centered worship and life-changing teaching.
We value expression and participation in worship. We display the words to all of our songs so that everyone can sing along. Expect to see lifted hands, clapping and other expressions of worship. Every one is encouraged to participate as much as they are comfortable.
The People
First Faith Church is made up of people from all walks of life. At First Faith Church, both rich and poor, worship together for one common purpose, and that is to glorify God . Grandparents serve in ministries with single adults. People with addictions or any walk of life are welcome. People from different cultures build life-long relationships.
First Faith is full of passionate people who are excited about life, people, and (most of all) God.
The Community
First Faith isn’t just a building that exists at 8633 W 167th St Overland Park, KS. Its a community of believers that share life together outside the four walls of the church building.
We are very involved in Evangelism and reaching people of our community. It is an integral part of our mission to foster true change in our city. We exist to help build authentic relationships in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome!

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